How to clean cowhide rug

·         Vacuum the rug. Always vacuum in the direction of the hair.

·         Shake the rug off. Shaking it off outside can knock loose anything that might have been stuck deeper in the rug.

·         Rotate the rug. If your cowhide rug is on the floor, it will be subjected to gradual wear and tear over time. If you never change its position on the floor, it may wear unevenly.

·         Brush the rug.  You can use a brush or broom with hard plastic bristles. Try to brush with the direction of the hair, instead of against it.

·         Do not get your cowhide rug wet. Although you may use a slight amount of water to steam clean the cowhide rug, you should never get it wet. Never put your cowhide rug into a drying machine.

·         Allow the rug time to dry by Sun or air, before placing it back in your room.

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