Remove stain on your cowhide rug

The water and mild soapy solution will help to break up the stain and restore your cowhide. Use a damp cloth or sponge to apply the soapy water to the cowhide rug. Make sure to use as little soap as possible and add more only if needed. (Don't use any alkaline soaps or shampoos). You can also use a concoction of 95 percent water mixed with 5 percent vinegar. This will help remove both the stain and any added odors that may have found their way into the rug.

Scrub and Rub damp cloth or sponge on cowhide rug in any direction.

Make sure the sponge or towel isn't soaking wet.

After you've scrubbed the rug, you will want to remove any soapy residue from it. Take a new cloth and dampen it with only water. Use this damp cloth to gently wipe away any soap or remaining stain. Allow your rug time to dry before placing it back in your room.

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